Aeromodeling is a fascinating hobby and an international sport. Aeromodelers design and construct flying airplane models. Aeromodeling has the power to ignite the imagination and creative work which are based on applied physics. We have taken steps to take this exciting hobby to the school children. We promote creative thinking, improved hand and eye coordination, team work, handling success and failure, understanding plans and work on them. 

What is a hobby?

Wikipedia defines hobby as "an activity, interest, enthusiasm, or amateur pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one's leisure time".

What we at Jaitra Kalike, believe is that a hobby should be creative. It should engage your imagination as well as logic. A combination of right brain and left brain activity. A hobby should be pleasurable and relieve stress. We as well believe that a hobby need not be a leisure time activity. Your hobby can be your profession if plan it so.

Why you need a hobby?

Hobbies are great stress busters. Today's competetive world has taken over us and we hardly find time to pursue our interests. Apart from our work, most of us are engrossed in television shows without realising how our energy is drained out. Being creative and creating an art form (be it a drawing, painting, poem, story, craft work) can re-energize us.

Most of the art form are cost wise inexpensive and provides more value than what we see. You will agree with me, if you are the ones who already pursue a creative hobby. If you have not pursued any hobby, it is never too late. Start today!